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 ... vodun in Bénin, TV-report  (Hamburg-journal, NDR, Hamburg, 1994) on (completed) research project on the political economy of occult belief systems in Sub-Saharan Africa; conducted by D. Kohnert at Institute of African Affairs, GIGA-Hamburg (1994-2003)(cf. list of publications).


  ... by the way, most of my publications are available online - open access at the Social Sience Research Network (SSRN),  RePEc - Munich Personal RePEc Archive (MPRA) and ResearchGate.


  ...  for a comprehensive list of citations of my publications see my profile at ResearchGate and  google-scholar profile


  ... and photos from completed missions to Africa and elsewhere, you'll find at panoramio and google earth 


  ... last, but not least, our new ecological and social orientated residential community Torfwiesenau

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