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Retired since 2011, but still interested in research and publication, notably on the socio-cultural dimension of development and on African Affairs.


...   last, but not least, visions for the third stage of my life:

  • scholarly research & publishing
  • research on the history and migration, based on my own family history of captains and timber manufacturers, the entrepreneurial family Kohn, 1830-1967 from Geestemünde, for which a special exhibition had been made in 2020 in the Historical Museum, Bremerhaven, which can still be seen online today.
  • Taiji chi, practised since about three decades, guided by my honoured Taiji-teacher Daniel Grolle (Hamburg), co-founder of the German Taiji-network, who developed his own style of this traditional Chinese martial art and meditation, focusing on human interchange and transmitting the principles of Taiji chi in everyday life
  • pro-active engagement within my residential community "Torfwiesenau" in Heikendorf, a seaside resort on the Kiel Fjord at the Baltic Sea.
  • cycling & sailing (cf. the 'Gallery' for details on our memorable Bahama sailing tour).


... building up a new generation
... building up a new generation



... constructing our residential community - Torfwiesenau (lit. Peat meadow mead, at the Kiel fjord, in Heikendorf), assisted by my co-residents and by my sons. You are welcome in the Torfwiesenau to see for yourself how its looks like !